I help software engineering leaders improve developer performance resulting in in higher retention rates and faster software delivery.

Here’s the problem

The harder you push your developers the worse things get

  • Your team consistently misses deadlines and struggles with slow software delivery.
  • You’re struggling with high developer turnover and can’t seem to retain top talent.
  • Your developers are facing burnout due to unclear requirements and constant last-minute changes.
  • Poor code quality is causing frequent bugs and production issues, frustrating both your developers and end-users.

The Dream

Imagine letting go of the stress and actually seeing developer performance spike.

  • Imagine delivering features faster and finally making a dent on that backlog.
  • Imagine attracting top-tier talent and keeping them!
  • Imagine having happy developers that are motivated to, not only perform, but innovate.
  • Imagine dramatically cutting severity-0 bugs that should have been caught before the production release.

Here’s how I can help

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2. Private coaching call

Is your current development process filled with limiting bottlenecks and want expert advice quickly? Book a private 1:1 consulting call now. I’ll give you specific-to-you advice that you can put into action immediately, guaranteed.

3. Developer Performance Insights Package (coming soon)

We take a deep dive into your software development environment and get to the bottom of why developer performance is struggling and turnover is high. I administer a curated developer experience survey to get laser-focused on what is going wrong. After which, you will get a detailed report with a prioritized, high-value action plan to dramatically improve developer performance.

Andre South Owner of South Software Solutions

Hi, I’m Andre and I help IT organizations increase developer performance with key insights into their developer experience. 

I’ve been a software developer and infrastructure engineer for better part of the last 10 years. I’ve written enterprise applications, APIs, SaaS products, I’ve been around the block. Because of this, I understand how devs think and what bothers them.

All development teams have bottlenecks and hidden pain points, I’ve seen it time and time again. In fact, I consider it my mission to crush bottlenecks and eliminate friction wherever it is found. The question is: what value is waiting out there for your team?