DX Consultant

Hi I’m Andre and I help IT organizations increase developer productivity with key insights into their developer experience. As a software developer and infrastructure engineer for the last 8 years, I understand how devs think and what bothers them. All development teams have bottlenecks and hidden pain points; what value is waiting out there for your team?

Do you struggle with:

Increasing Developer Productivity?

We dive deep into your organization’s developer journey and reveal areas of high friction that hold your devs back.

Encouraging Collaboration?

What do your developers actually think about their work environment? We get to the bottom of issues with peer reviews, documentation standards, and planning sessions that cause developers to work in comfortable but limiting silos.

Stagnate Software Delivery?

What do the metrics say about your software delivery story? Are you even able to capture high quality metrics? We can help get your organization the data it needs to make decisions and drive acceleration in software delivery.