Cloud computing vs traditional computing

Cloud Computing vs Traditional Computing – how to choose

In this article we’re going to tackle cloud computing vs traditional computing. There’s no doubt about it, the cloud has revolutionized the way organizations develop and deliver software. From single page web applications to artificial intelligence to big data analytics, the list of cloud capabilities seems to be growing larger every day. Has cloud computing completely taken over the technology industry? Is there still a place for traditional computing? Let’s begin with some definitions and the pros and cons of each.

Moving to the cloud

What do you need to know before moving to the cloud?


Navigating the dark skies of moving to the cloud can be a difficult endeavor. Between the multiple cloud providers, hundreds of services (some providing similar functionality), evaluating your current codebase, and building the correct architecture, it’s hard to imagine it being a smooth flight. 

In this article we are going to cover some considerations to make moving to the cloud a little bit easier. Sticking with the aviation metaphor, this article is meant to be like a radar so your organization can chart a clearer path forward. Obviously one article can’t cover every scenario but it should serve as a starting point and get you thinking.